Trout Fishing in Rotorua – Lure Tips

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Trout Fishing in Rotorua – Lure Tips

Lake Rotorua is the largest lake in the district it is open for fishing all year round and holds large stocks of both brown and rainbow trout. Fishing can be great fun for you and for your friends and family. However, it can easily be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing too. With a little planning and practice, it’s easy to have a productive and fun day of fishing for our Rotorua trout and some quality time with family. Try some of these helpful lure tips.

Recommended lures – Dry flies: During the late summer large terrestrial insects such as Cicadas, Blowflies and Wasps are blown onto the water and will often attract cruising trout.

Nymphs: Lightly weighted nymphs such as Pheasants Tail, Hare and Copper, and Halfbacks can be very successful in fishing round the stream mouths and weed beds when using a floating line.

Wet flies / Streamers: During spring and summer when the trout are chasing smelt, use flies such as a light Rabbit, Grey Ghost, Parsons Glory during the day, and dark patterns such as Fuzzy Wuzzy and Scotch Poacher at night. Other patterns such as Hamill’s Killer and Mrs Simpson work well throughout the year.

Spinners: Spinners such as the Black Toby, Rapala, Cobra and Tasmanian Devil all work well at different times during the year. Different colours seem to work better than others at times so it may be necessary to experiment throughout the day.

Lake Rotorua has been described as an angling paradise as it provides opportunities for all fishing methods. Trolling and harling is permitted anywhere on the lake except within 200 metres of the major tributary stream mouths. Trolling is very productive though anglers may need to use lead-line to get the lures down to the correct depth.

Did you know?

– Lake Rotorua offers the highest catch rate of any lake in the eastern region, unlike most of the other Rotorua lakes which are sustained with hatchery liberations Lake Rotorua is truly wild fishery. Tributaries flowing into Lake Rotorua provide excellent spawning conditions.

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