5 Tips To Keep Your House Safe While You’re Away

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5 Tips To Keep Your House Safe While You’re Away

It is well known that the most common threat to your house is burglary, particularly is you are out of town. If you’re planning on visiting Rotorua these holidays, we have some great advice you should keep in mind to keep your house safe while you’re away.

1. Tell a friend or a neighbour

Give your contact information and spare key to a trusted person, and ask them to keep their eyes on your property while you’re away. It will give you peace of mind that you have someone who can contact you if there is an emergency. If you have pets, they can also feed them!

2. Create the illusion your house is lived in

The biggest giveaways that a house is empty are uncollected mail, overgrown lawns, and no lights turned on. Ask your trusted person if they could help create the illusion that your house is occupied by taking the bin out, mowing the lawns and collecting your mail.

3. Don’t announce your vacation

Going on holiday is exciting and it can be very tempting to  share your plans on Facebook and other social media. However, you should show some caution and not share too much information – you never know if the information you put out there will be seen or heard by the wrong person!

4. Keep your valuables safe

If someone is looking through your windows you don’t want to give them a good reason to break in. Before you leave, remove all your households valuables, such as cameras, iPads, laptops and jewellery, out of sight.

5. Turn off your electronics

Thieves aren’t the only potential threat to your home while you’re out of town – keep in mind fire safety! Unplug all unnecessary electronics to prevent an electrical fire or power surge. Don’t forget the little appliances too, like your toaster and jug.

We hope you found these tips useful, and if you are thinking about leaving town this summer, Palm Court Rotorua have a great range of accommodation options available. Get in contact with us today to begin planning your holiday to Rotorua!



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