Pet-Friendly Motel In Rotorua | Best walks, vets and more

Tips For Travelling With Your Pets In Rotorua
Pet-Friendly Motel In Rotorua | Best walks, vets and more

We are pet lovers here at the Palm Court Rotorua and are delighted to be able to offer pet-friendly accommodation. You may be wondering if you bring your pets to Rotorua, what the experience will be like? Rotorua is a pet-friendly town, and even in the winter months, you will find you and fur baby have plenty of fun activities to do together.

Tips For Travelling With Your Pets In Rotorua

For dogs who like to walk

Rotorua is famous (even in the winter) for its walking tracks – so if you have brought your dog on holiday with you, you will want to check out which walks are the most dog-friendly. Rotorua Council provides several areas where you can exercise your dog, off the lead, as long as you remain in control of him or her. One of our favourite walks is the Blue lakes walk; it is one of the areas where you can walk your dog off the leash. The track is well maintained and the lake is simply stunning – amazingly clear. The lake is suitable for swimming; though you may want to wait until summer – your dog, however, may not be so fussy! The circuit track usually takes around an hour and a half so an excellent distance if your dog is the more active type!

Tips For Travelling With Your Pets In Rotorua

For pets who feel poorly

While on holiday, just like humans, pets can have accidents or become sick. If your precious pet becomes unwell or has an accident while visiting Rotorua, we have several fantastic vets in the area. Central City Vets, is easy to find, open 7 days a week and is available after hours for those sudden holiday emergencies (dog ate hotel soap, dog ate hotel chocolate off a pillow, dog ate fish hook etc). Central City vets are solely dedicated to the welfare of companion animals – good to know!

Tips For Travelling With Your Pets In Rotorua

Dogs who like to be pampered

Rotorua has amazing thermal hot pools to warm up in on a cold winter’s day, and many have luxury spa treatments to make your holiday in Rotorua even more special. So while you are indulging yourself, there is no need to neglect the pooch. Why not treat him or her to some doggie pampering? Let your dog be bathed, clipped, trimmed and for that special pooch some groomers even offer a dog massage!

Tips For Travelling With Your Pets In Rotorua

Dogs who need some doggy pals

Grange Spa is a safe, secure, fun environment for your dog to spend the day relaxing and being spoilt. They have a very spacious indoor/outdoor facility and separate areas for large and small dogs to enjoy playtime together. This is a great idea if you want to do a holiday activity that won’t be suitable for your pet.

Tips For Travelling With Your Pets In Rotorua

Dogs who prefer to dine out

Okere Falls Store is known as New Zealand’s best eco-friendly cafe. It’s a short drive from Rotorua with a short walk to beautiful Okere Falls. The chef prepares specialty food with a focus on comfort, relaxation and restoration.

Some tips for travelling pets

  • Make sure your pet is used to traveling in your car before going on a long trip. We recommend taking your pet on short car trips to get them used to car rides.
  • It gets cold here in the winter – so remember to pack your dog’s coat if they are not of the furry variety.
  • Your pet’s pre travel-feeding schedule should start with a light meal around three to four hours before departure.
  • Never leave your animal alone in a parked vehicle.
  • Make sure your pet has a microchip for identification and wears a collar with a tag imprinted with your contact details.
  • Stop often and have bottled water available! Harnesses or leashes could be used to help the pet get in/out of the vehicle for safety reasons. If you are traveling with a cat – you could place a litterbox behind the passenger/drivers seat on the floor.
  • If your pet has never done an extensive trip with you, to help keep them calm you can bring their favorite blanket, toy or maybe a t-shirt you wore recently! This will help remind them of home and help keep them settled for the holiday.

Tips For Travelling With Your Pets In Rotorua

There is so much to do here in Rotorua with your fur babies. When traveling with your pets in winter (or at any time of the year), even though there are several pet-friendly accommodation options available (motels, holiday homes, and campgrounds), they are very popular- so you should always book in advance where possible to avoid disappointment.

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Cody Barclay says:

Hi there,
We are a family of 7
There is my husband & I, and our children 19, 16, 10, 7 and 1yr old
Are there any ground floor rooms that are adjoining with a spa pool outside, if we aren’t able to stay in 1 room together because of space
We are looking for a room to stay just after Christmas for a few days
We also own a small pug x foxy dog that can travel with us and I did see you are animal friendly ??

Thank you

Cody & Jasen Barclay

November 14, 2019 at 9:26 am

Hello, Cody!

Thank you for contacting us. We have many types of rooms available and we certainly are pet-friendly!
Could you please contact us via email at – or give us a call – 0800 725 626 or +64 7 347 2200.
We would love to discuss this further with you.

Thank you.

November 18, 2019 at 12:08 pm
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