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Palm Court Motor Inn Sustainability Plan

Our mission is to be a responsible tourism operator by constantly addressing sustainability issues with the prime goal to reduce waste.

  • Palm Court Rotorua Motel | SustainabilityWe will maintain a responsible tourism checklist to ensure that

  • Policies and procedures on responsible tourism are written, reviewed and regularly assessed for performance.

  • Staff are educated and encouraged to participate in environmental issues.

  • We have community involvement, specifically working with other businesses and our suppliers to share ideas and give support.

  • We practice environmental sustainability by recycling, re-using, reducing, sensible purchasing and otherwise managing what we use and how we dispose of waste.

  • We are energy efficient by using energy efficient appliances and lighting, making best use of the geothermal energy we are tapped into, and using energy efficient management techniques.

  • We are water efficient by being vigilant in water usage and act on leaks immediately.

  • We seek sustainable design by selecting recognized environmental criteria appliances, selecting re-useable products, and using sustainable building techniques and technologies.

  • We buy and use products that promote sustainability.